Technical specifications

UUALK e-bikes include

MOTOR: Engine power: 250W (Maximum engine power allowed). Nominal voltage: 24V. Location: rear wheel. Rotation: 3.900r/m. Motor is especially designed for UUALK e-bikes. BATTERY: Very convenient design, battery is easily removable. It is locked to avoid robbery. Charging time is between 4h to 6h (for 100%) using a 220V. Charging battery is similar than to charge your mobile phone! Nominal voltage 24V at 10A. Location: below the seat post. TRANSMISSION: Number of sprocket-wheels 7. Sprocket-wheels teeth: 14T-28T. The chain of UUALK-Sun is protected with coverage to prevent clothing getting dirty or torn. CONTROL-DISPLAY: Dimensions: 8x6cm. LCD Sreen. Located left on the handlebar. -Engine power adjustable from 0 to 5 gears (0 as normal bike, 5 minimal effort). -When you press the top button for a few seconds, the lights turns on front and back of the UUALK-Sun e-bike. -When you press the down button for a few seconds, the e-bike starts and runs about 6 km / h. -For more details refer to the instructions provided by the control screen. DEFLECTING: Shimano RD-M410. Desviador-shimano BREAKS: AIR – Front: Dick brake TEKTRO. Rear: TEKTRO V brake. SUN – Front: TEKTRO V brake. Rear: TEKTRO Roller brake. tektro-brake LIGHTS AND REFLECTORS: Reflectors are important for security of the cyclist to ride inside city and in the road. Front: white light and red reflector. Rear: red light and orange reflector. DIAMETER OF WHEELS: SUN: 26” AIR: 20” FRAME: Open type. Total weight of UUALK-Sun (battery and motor included): 23 Kg Total weight of UUALK-Air (battery and motor included): 18 Kg