About us

UUALK is a young and ambitious international company born from the desire to revolutionize urban e-mobility. UUALK branches are located in Europe, Latin America and Asia. We have the support of an extensive international network of dealers in order to reach clients locally.

A good project should be based on strong and clear grounds:


Best solutions come from simple designs


To achieve a good service and product


Reliable components and software for maximum control


Helping people to respect the environment


Affordable products that will change your daily live

The company was created in 2012 by a group of engineers with consolidated experience in product design and development, and several experts in business management that all shares the same idea: the use of bicycles as a means of daily transport, to keep fit and at the same time respect the environment. The goal of UUALK is to offer a reliable and affordable ebike within the reach of many people. All the UUALK models are equipped with the Torque Sensor System that ensures smoothness of pedaling and a regulated effort for the rider. Actually, UUALK ebikes are produced in Europe to offer a customized service.

UUALK is consistently researching and creating new and flexible solutions for e-mobility needs. The UUALK ebike design receives special attention as we want to promote the talent of many Barcelona artists to make your ebike something unique.

Uualk collaborates in different mobility projects: