Why an e-bike?

An e-bike is a conventional bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric system. The battery provides power to a motor that is activated to help you, only if you want, just by start pedaling.  For this reason, e-bikes are also called motor-assisted bikes.

UUALK not only helps you pedaling: the electric motor helps you going as far as you want. UUALKs team is convinced that using an e-bike is the best urban way of personal transport. Just think about the benefits:

1) TIME: You will save time. You will be able to ride quicker than a conventional bike. Forget the bus queues and the shoving of people in the subway or train.

2) ENVIRONMENT:  You will help to create a healthier, cleaner and noiseless city or village. An electric bike does not emit CO2 and does not contaminate acoustically.

3) COST: Maintenance cost is nearly 0. You don’t need a driving license, compulsory insurance, taxes or gasoline to pay. The only cost is charging battery: around 0.05€ per 100km!

4) HEALTH: Practicing sport in your daily life, in a fun and relaxing atmosphere has a lot of benefits to our bodies. UUALK e-bikes allow you to practice moderate exercise, play sports with your family or intensive exercise for those who would like to.

5) COMFORTABILITY:  Reaching the workplace will be like a relaxing week-end ride. Forget about sweating and tiredness! Using UUALK e-bikes the steep slopes disappear.

6) DOBLE USE: Do you want to use UUALK e-bike as a conventional bicycle? Do it just pressing a button, the motor will switch on and off.

Finally with UUALK e-bike…the world is flat, again!