Uualk, S.L. establishes a guarantee in accordance with Law 23/2003 of 10 July, on Guarantees in the sale of Consumer Goods, in accordance with the regulations 1999/44CE.

UUALK electric bicycles are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. The battery has 1 year warranty.

UUALK is not responsible or guarantee in the case of

a. Misuse or negligence. Especially for use in situations for which the bike was not designed (crossing rivers, jumping, washing with pressure hoses…)

b. Repair in unofficial service without the seller’s knowledge. 

c. Expiration of the warranty period.

d. Use of components from other manufacturers, which modify the original design parameters (geometry, weight, electronics …).

e. Loss of battery autonomy as a result of battery aging. This loss can be due to different environmental factors or intensive use. 

f. The breakdowns and repairs resulting from the wear and tear produced by the normal use of the bicycle. Tires, brake pads, friction elements…

g. Modification of the factory parameters of the motor, its software and display.

h. Disassembly of the battery. 

The repairs of failures in guarantee will be made presenting the invoice of purchase, previous accreditation of the personality of the buyer by means of its DNI. In case of sale to a third party during the warranty period, Uualk, S.L. must be notified.

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