What is an electric bike?

Is a normal bicycle that has been adapted to include an electric motor and battery. The battery provides power to the motor that is activated to help you pedal whenever you need.

Which are the modes to use en Uualk ebike?

There are 3 modes to use the UUALK electric bike:

  1. Electric mode: the electric motor starts working automatically as you start pedalling, the motor will help you according to the assistance level that you chose on the control panel.
  2. Conventional bike: choosing 0 assistance on the display your Uualk ebike will run as a normal bike. But with the advantage that the display will show you the information of your trip (distance, speed…). Also, you can remove the battery to use as a normal bike.
  3. Push aided system: during a short trip you can have the motor assistance without pedaling. Maximum speed for this mode is 6km/h.


What’s the difference between ebike controlled by throttle or by pedal assist? 

Throttle controlled: you use a throttle to control power and speed of your ebike. No need to pedal to receive power from the motor.

Pedal-assist: once you start pedaling, a torque sensor picks up your movement and power integrates seamlessly while you ride. Once you use the brakes or quit pedaling, the power is deactivated and you need to pedal again (lightly) to re-activate pedal assistance.

What it means than an ebike has torque sensor system? 

The torque sensor detects the deflection of the chain when the rider push the pedal and gives the just  power that rider needs. So, it’s up hill when you’ll notice more the assistance.  Surprisingly earth becomes flat!

Lear more about Torque system here.

Which are the advantages to use ebike as a means of transport?

You will enjoy the pleasure to ride a bicycle with all this advantages:

  • Do not sweat riding during summer time!
  • Go up hills without doing an extra effort, earth will be always flat!
  • Get to where you need faster and easier
  • Safer driving inside cities as you get an easy start from stop position.
  • Help to reduce CO2 on each pedal
  • Save lots of money!


Is the e-bike more secure than a regular bike?

If your e-bike has the torque system, like the UUALK e-bikes, you will get a constant speed, with less risk at stops and go. So it is more secure than a traditional bike. Driving in road for example, with a constant speed, is more secure than a regular bike because the more speed, the less balance is required. As you have the pedal assistance, it is very easy to slow down, stop and go.

Even though, we recommend you to use the helmet.

Where should I repair my UUALK?

We recommend you to bring your ebike in our official stores, moreover if the failure is an electric problem. Contact us to know were are your nearest Store. Even though, you can repair the mecanical parts in any bike workshop.

Do I need insurance?

No you do not, no insurance is required. But we recomend to be covered by a civil liability Insurance.

Should I pass a Technical Inspection?

You should not, but we recommend you a review from time to time for general maintenance.

Should I pay any road tax?

No, you should not.

Do I need a driving licence?

No you do not need any driving licence.

Is the driving regulation the same for e-bikes whether for regular bikes?

Generally yes it is. But we recommend checking it out with your country regulations.

Then…can I use the bike lane?

Yes you can! That way you can have a more secure driving, far from cars.

What speed can I have with my e-bike?

E-bikes can technically take very high speed, but there is a European regulation limit at 25 km/h. From this speed, the assistance is limited at 25 km/h.

What is the cost driving an e-bike?

<>0,1776€ every 100 kms, almost 30 times less than a motorbike just comparing the electric consume versus petrol. Considering the road tax, the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection),…is much cheaper than a regular bike!!

How to charge the battery?

As the mobile phones, you can charge the battery just plugging it in an ordinary 220V plug. While charging, a red light will be on. Once completely charged, a green light will be on.

We deeply recommend you to first plug the battery into the charger, and then plug the charger into the power. To unplug it is in the opposite way: first unplug the charger from the power, then the battery.

What if the battery is discharged?

Nothing bad happens. But UUALK recommend you not to leave a discharged battery for a long time. Even if you do not use it, about 3 months later the battery could lose capability and lifespan. So it is better to charge it once per month or so.

How long it takes to charge from 0 up to 100?

It will not take more than 5 hours. Obviously, a partial charge will depend on the reminding energy of the battery.

Will the battery be charging just pedalling?

No it will not. To charge it you must plug the battery into the power.

Which is the battery’s autonomy in terms of time and distance? 

The battery life depends mainly on the storage capacity (amperage) of the battery. UUALK owns 24V-10Ah and 36V-10,4Ah bateries. This storage capacity results in an autonomy that varies between 45km and 65km. However, the exact autonomy is hard to determine since it depends on several factors:

  • The type of route: The battery lasts for more if the route is flat since the engine does not help the biker as much as in slopes.
  • Biker’s weight: The heavier the rider, the higher the resistance to speed and therefore, the higher help from the engine is needed.
  • Choice of “Level of assistance”: Choosing a lower level of assistance increases battery duration.
  • Battery Age: Eventually, batteries lose energy storage capacity and the autonomy is reduced up to 20% from the initial capacity.


How long do UUALK batteries last? 

UUALK batteries are lithium-ion battery and can do 700 loads at high capacity. Then, the performance is reduced to around 20% of the initial one.

However, we find worth saying that the battery life is strongly related with the compliance of the use recommendations.

Which kind of maintenance is the most appropriate? 

It is important to avoid the batteries running out of charge. These kinds of batteries do not have memory effect so there is no need to wait until the battery is over to recharge.

Although you do not use your e-bike for a while, we recommend loading the batteries at least once a month.

Why have you decided to incorporate a lithium battery? 

There are different battery types (LiFePO4, lead-acid, NiMH, NiCd, LithiumPolymer). We use lithium-ion batteries since they perform perfectly (cost, weight and autonomy), and, nowadays, are the safest (less flammable). UUALK has prioritized security.

Why is the battery located under the seat? 

When choosing the location of the battery, we opted for a long proven system in Japan. The battery behind the seat tube keeps an even centre of gravity of the bike and allows to mount accessories (like a kid at the back), a characteristic not plausible in bikes where the battery is located in the rear luggage area.

How does the engine work?

The motor operates only when the rider is pedalling. If the engine would not stop working when the rider ends pedalling it would be considered a moped. UUALK, in compliance with the European Standard regulation has limited the engine speed to 25 km/h.