Torque Sensor System



Torque Sensor System is the most innovative and reliable propulsion system for e-bikes. Our system is the best currently existing in the market.

It is a smart system:  Engine power varies according to the strength executed on the pedals. So, the more strength is needed, the higher the help from the engine. It is not based on the bike’s speed. It looks Magic! But is science and technology.

There are lots of benefits using a UUALK e-bike:

  • EASY CLIMB: The engine will supply power to the cyclist whenever he needs it, when climbing a steep slope the cyclist will feel how the engine pushes him as hard as he needs.
  • QUICK REACT: The Torque Sensor System turns on at 0.2 seconds after you start pedaling. The cyclist will feel a smooth but immediate assistance. Especially useful in traffic light, pathways…
  • SMART SAVING: When the cyclist doesn’t need engine’s energy (e.g. downhill), Torque Sensor System saves it, and therefore the battery’s autonomy increases.
  • LCD DISPLAY: Absolute control from your e-bike’s screen. You will be able to choose the engine power (5 speed gears) and to check time, distance travelled in Km, speed, battery’s charge…

You will notice the difference of the Torque Sensor System.
You will enjoy the benefits